• Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Southampton

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Southampton

    June 1, 2018 | Blog | Admin
  • Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Southampton

    A commercial kitchen, can be a busy place with chefs and kitchen assistants constantly on the move, catering and preparing their latest dishes for the guests. Whether it be a 5* hotel, a school or college cafeteria or a take-away restaurant, any business owner will understand the importance of kitchen cleanliness to ensure the food that is being prepared and served is being handled safely with minimum chance of any contamination.

    There can many sources of bacteria in a kitchen, some of which are obvious, especially where fresh meat and produce have to be handled as well as dealing with dirty crockery, cups and glasses. In addition, cooking and refrigeration equipment can build up food particles over time as well as grease building up in kitchen extraction systems. All these areas present conditions that can harbour bacteria.

    That's why we recommend all commercial kitchens have an annual deep clean as a minimum. Naturally the need for more regular cleaning depends on use of kitchen and some busier kitchens may require cleaning quarterly. 

    Using a professional kitchen cleaning company will give you peace of mind that everything has been properly deep cleaned to a high standard and should also present you with a certificate that will help in the event of an E.H.O. inspection visit.

    Also ensure that the cleaning company you use have all the required equipment to carry out the work safely and effectively. This may include safe collection and disposal of fats and grease that are collected during the clean, PASMA trained portable access tower or roof trained workers for cleaning of external ducts at height, use of professional duct cleaning equipment for long duct runs.

    Eastleigh Services have all the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out your commercial kitchen deep clean safely and effectively. Fill out the form below with your enquiry now!


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