• HVAC Ventilation Duct Cleaning

  • Commericial Ventilation Duct Cleaning

    Many commercial properties will have air and ventilation ducts of one manner or another. Some will be for drawing fresh air into a building and some will be for extracting of used air or exhaust air from cooking, laundry or industrial equipment.

    Extraction ducts should be regularly cleaned to ensure they are free from dust, fluff or grease build up which can present a fire risk over time. Fresh air input ducts should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the fresh air entering a building is germ and dust free. Particularly in medical environments bacteria such as MRSA and Listeria can present a big risk to patients which can be much reduced by cleaning of ducts with bacterial killing chemicals.

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  • Specialist Duct Cleaning

    Our specialist duct cleaning equipment allows complete cleaning of ducts up to 50 metres in length. Our machine can remove dust, grease deposits and other residues to ensure ventilation ducts are properly clean.

    For medical applications, our specialist cleaning equipment can distribute cleaning chemicals throughout the duct that can help to eradicate harmful bacteria such as MRSA and listeria. 

  • HVAC System Cleaning

    A certificate can be provided on completion to satisfy insurance and/or HSE requirements.

    Eastleigh Services provide a high quality ventilation duct cleaning service for many types of establishments including:-

    • Hospitals
    • Nursing Homes
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars
    • Leisure Centres

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  • Air Quality Testing

    Eastleigh Services have BESA accredited engineers who are trained and qualified to carry out air quality testing in ventilation duct work. This is particularly important for hospitals and nursing homes where dirty ducts can cause a health hazard to those vulnerable to illness. This is important in other types of public buildings also such as schools, colleges, universities, etc.

  • Fire Damper Testing

    Fire dampers in your ventilation duct work are essential in stopping the spread of a fire if one were to breakout in your premises. The fire dampers are designed to automatically shut when fire is detected thereby preventing the fire from using the duct to spread from room to room.

    Eastleigh Services BESA accredited angineers are qualified to carry out fire damper testing. This can be important for your insurance also as many insurance companies are seeking assurance that fire dampers have been tested when renewing policies.