• Central Heating Power Flushing

  • Power Flushing Services

    Eastleigh Services Gas Safe engineers provide an efficient power flushing service to help remove sediments, scale and sludge from your radiators, pipework and heating system to help increase efficiency and improve circulation in the system.

    Why use a Power Flushing service?

    Over time, radiators and pipework in a heating system can accumulate sludge and sediments which can cause poor flow of water in the system. This can cause many issues such as cold spots, or non-working radiators, boiler issues related to poor water flow and more. Power flushing uses a process of circulating water back and forth through your heating system to flush out sludge and sediments and leave the system much cleaner and ready for refilling. As a result of the improved water flow through the system, your boiler should operate much more efficiently and radiators should perform better.

    Can I do it myself?

    With the right equipment, you could do a power flush yourself. It involves draining down your heating system, connecting a power flush machine to the system, then running through the flushing process using the appropriate cleaning chemicals. Once, complete your system will need to be refilled and air bleeded out of the radiators. Depending on the severity of any existing issues and the type of boiler, it may be that certain sections of the system need to be isolated during the process so as to be the most effective and also prevent damage. If a power flush is done incorrectly, it can potentially cause leaks, boiler issues, or a heating system that then has more issues than it did before. Using a Gas Safe engineer ensures that any issues encountered during the process can be attended to quickly by a qualified professional.