• Commercial Kitchen Gas Interlock Systems

  • Gas Interlock Systems

    Eastleigh Services specialise in the repair and installation of Gas Interlock Systems for Commercial Kitchens. 

    Gas Interlocks provide an essential safety feature for your commercial kitchen by ensuring that gas is shut off in the event of ventilation failure. A typical installation includes a gas solenoid valve connected to a Gas Interlock panel, with ventilation air flow or electrical sensing to ensure your extract fan is running and effectively removing toxic gases such as CO2 from the working kitchen. An additional emergency stop button should also be in place by the exit door, also connected in to the Gas Interlock System, for manual shut off in an emergency.

    Do you need emergency attention? Has your Gas Interlock System shut off your gas?

    If your Gas Interlock system has shut off your gas and left you with a non-working kitchen, our team of qualified Gas Safe and Controls engineers can rectify the issue which are most often down to failure of extract fan, gas valve or the interlock system itself.

    New Gas Interlock Systems

    If you have a commercial kitchen in regular use and do not have a Gas Interlock system in place, then get in touch with us for a quotation for your specific requirement.

    Reviews of existing Gas Interlock Systems

    If you have a Gas Interlock system already in place but want your system reviewed to ensure it complies with current Gas Safe guidelines and regulations then our qualified engineers are able to advise and quote for any modifications or changes required or recommended.