• Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

  • Kitchen Extraction Deep Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

    Commercial Kitchen Canopies, Hoods and extract systems can quickly become inefficient due to build up of grease. Eastleigh Services, provide a professional and efficient Hood Cleaning service with intensive deep clean. 

    Ensuring your kitchen extraction system is kept clean is of vital importance to any business that depends on food service for their livelihood. There are a number of reasons why regular cleaning of your kitchen canopy and extract system is important including:-

    • Help prevent breakdown - due to build up of grease and particles that can cause extract fans to malfunction
    • Avoid nasty surprises from the EHO - an inspection of your facilities by an Environmental Health Officer can result in warnings or even closure of your business should he/she be unsatisfied with the condition and cleanliness of your kitchen extraction system.
    • Keep your Insurer happy - if a kitchen fire ever occured, many insurers will request proof that kitchen extract cleaning has been carried out. You may be at risk of not being fully covered on your insurance if it turned out that this essential maintenance had not been carried out.

    Serving in and around: Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke

    We are also able to provide a collect & clean service for your canopy filter baffles. Please contact us for details.

  • Our Duct Cleaning machine

    For longer extraction ducts (up to 25 metres!) our specialist duct cleaning machine ensures mechanical cleaning of the full length of duct to comply with BESA TR19 requirements, even in harder to reach places.

    Our duct cleaning machine combines mechanical brush cleaning with spraying of cleaning chemical to ensure the duct is cleaned to the highest possible standard.