• Commercial Kitchen Safety Tips

  • If you are in charge of a Commercial Kitchen, safety will feature high on your list of priorities. In an environment of open flames, water, oils and other substances, the risk of fire and injury can be high.

    Here are 3 common considerations for your commercial kitchen safety:- 

    1. Ensure your Equipment is maintained and serviced regularly

    Service and maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment is important to ensure it is safe to use by your kitchen staff.

    We recommend an annual or 6 monthly service contract which will ensure regular maintenance and operational checks are carried out all equipment. This can also help to pickup any faults or issues before they might become dangerous.

    2. Ensure your Kitchen Extract Canopy & Duct are cleaned regularly

    Grease build-up in your extraction canopy and duct can present a fire risk and so professional cleaning should be an essential part of your maintenance schedule.

    We recommend at least an annual clean of any commercial kitchen extraction system, and more often if the kitchen is in heavy use. 

    3. Ensure your Kitchen is up to current Gas Safe standards

    A common issue we find in kitchens where gas equipment is in use, is that they are not up to current Gas Safe standards.

    All commercial kitchens with gas cooking equipment should have a gas shut-off solenoid valve, interlocked with the extraction system and air input systems.  This system ensures that if the ventilation systems were to fail, that gas can be automatically shut off; preventing a build of waste gases which can create an unsafe environment for kitchen workers.

    There should also be an emergency gas 'stop' button by the exit door. If a kitchen fire were to occur, this ensures kitchen staff can cut off the gas supply to the kitchen as they leave so as not to perpetuate or worsen the fire.

    The above list represents just a few of the issues you may wish to consider when managing your Commercial Kitchen safety. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of hazards and you should carry out your own risk assessment and put in place relevant control measures for your specific kitchen to allow for all potential risks.

    If you would like to discuss any of the above items with us with regard to safety in your commercial kitchen, please click the button below and get in contact with us.

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