• Don’t let your Warewashing equipment ‘scale’ up your costs

  • Don’t let your Warewashing equipment ‘scale’ up your costs

    June 24, 2016 | Blog | Admin
  • One of the most common issues we come across with warewashing equipment is build up of limescale inside, particularly in the boiler tank and on any heating elements in the machine. In fact, we have come across cases of the boiler tank being almost completely blocked where scale has built up to the point where water can no longer flow through the tank.

    Build up of scale does not just restrict the flow of water through components of the machine, but also considerably shorten the life of some components; heating elements in particular become coated with scale and prevent the water being able to freely circulate and draw heat efficiently from the element. This in turn can cause elements to deteriorate and fail prematurely.

    Scale related problems can be costly to rectify. Carrying out a chemical descale (and sometimes even a manual scraping out of especially clogged-up boilers) is time consuming and replacing of heating elements are often £100 each (or more!). Some machines also have 2 or 3 elements multiplying the cost even further!

    Simply being diligent to carry out some basic user maintenance tasks can help reduce the possibility of a costly repair visit:-

    Ensure you have a water softener fitted

    All warewashing equipment should be run with a water softener attached, unless the unit already has an internal water softener built in (check with your supplier/manufacturer if unsure).

    Ensure the water softener is regenerated often

    Water softeners become ineffective if they are not regenerated in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. In fact, an un-regenerated water softener is as about as good as no water softener at all!

    Performing the re-generation process on your softener can vary depending on the type of water softener you have and the time between regeneration can vary. 

    Most external softeners usually need regenerating at least once a week and possibly more if the warewashing equipment is intensively used. Consult the supplier of the water softener if unsure how often you should be doing this.

    If your equipment has an internal softener then the regeneration process may vary. Some equipment carries out an automatic regeneration before shutdown. Other models may require a certain button or combination of buttons to be pressed to initiate the regeneration process.

    Following these simple guidelines will help to avoid costly callouts due to scaling that could otherwise be avoided.

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