• Should I have my Boiler serviced?

  • A commonly asked question is should I have a central heating boiler service? Or how often should it be serviced? We generally recommend a boiler is serviced annually for two reasons:-


    Gas Central Heating Boilers rely on burning gas to produce heat, thereby heating your radiators and/or hot water. Where any fuel is burnt, gases such as carbon monoxide are typically produced which if not vented properly out of the flue (exhaust) pipe, can be released into the living space. A blocked or damaged flue pipe or a faulty boiler could result in the waste gases leaking from the boiler into your home or business premises, which can be hazardous to health.

    Regular Servicing of the boiler includes checks that the exhaust gases are being expelled correctly from the boiler and that the integrity of the boiler and flue are all as they are supposed to be.

    Of course, a boiler service is much like a car MOT, which can only confirm that it is safe to use at that point in time. This means you should always be vigilant to ensure the safety of those who live or work in the home or business premises. Due to the dangers of carbon monoxide, we highly recommend all home and business owners have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in the vicinity of any gas-fired central heating boiler or other gas-fired appliances.

    Carbon Monoxide detectors can be purchased from our showroom for self-fitting. We can also provide an installation service for those customers who would rather have an engineer to install one correctly.


    Build up of sooty deposits in the combustion chamber of your boiler can decrease its efficiency over time. This may result in more gas being burnt to provide heat efficiently which then of course increases your fuel bills. Regular servicing may in some cases also pick up early signs of component failure which can help pre-empt an inconvenient breakdown (which typically happens when you least want it to - i.e. a very cold winters day!)

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